A MATERIAL project

Built by D/L

Looking means spending time.
A time in silence… to hear images.

The metaphorical expression ‘listening to images’ could depict my experience and engagement with Valérie’s work and yet still translate the necessary physicality that her work implies. It seems important to use this terminology, to explore the idea that editing could be here understood as composing. Composing with the space around and between the images. Creating an alchemy where images may extend, spread and elongate. Punctuating the overflowing—finding the necessary point of balance where images resound.

“For me, it is interesting that you are appropriating the work in order to build on a wall, for a time…” says Valérie.

Our editing started by discussing, exchanging and connecting with each other’s work, but what Valérie voices above all is the notion of appropriation in the ongoing process of composing, a donation but yet an essential fact: what is mine is yours.

Composing here is arranging an ensemble of pieces to form, to view images in a space, in a time, in order to hear.

“Re-sounding,” says Virginie.

“Re-acting, says Valérie.

Valérie Jouve
Sans Titre: Les personnages, 1996/2000